About Cocomate


Our founders had the vision to open up the untapped potential in overseas, by introducing the best of the tropical essence to the world. Hence, the focus was on developing a world-class 100% pure organic line of Coconut products. The journey began with a pioneering development of Coconut fiber and Coconut peat. Due to the overwhelming positive response received for the existing product line, the thinkers behind the brand was inspired to add more value to the product portfolio by making a notion in the year 2006 to broaden the product line by introducing the production of Coconut Oil in our very own Coconut oil mill. Thus, we grew, we expanded and today we are one of the leading suppliers and exporters of Virgin Coconut Oil, White Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil, Coconut Fiber and Coco Peat.

Our Virgin Coconut Oil is made in highest quality, free from all chemicals confirming the purest and freshest coconut aroma coupled with the lightest of taste. Our quality control is stern, which monitors and maintain the standards for all our products to be 100% natural and we have organic certification for our entire product line.

But having a store full of premium products doesn’t mean anything if our valued prospects are unhappy. Therefore, we always identify ourselves as a 360-degree company that focuses on all aspects including well-defined conflict resolutions to attend to your grievances at the quickest turnaround time.

Among our services we guarantee

  • Assistance for potential and existing customers to identify best-suited products for their needs.
  • Recognition, Innovation and Promotion of newer and best products to meet various customer needs.
  • Assurance of the best quality of the products.
  • After sale supports.
  • High Flexibility & Commitment.

Feel free to come to us; COCOMATE means “COCOfriend


Our Vision

To provide and produce the best for the best as the best.

Our Mission

To bring the global the best product with untiring efforts and a sense of team.

Strength & Capacity

Our strength and the source of our inspiration is none other than Mother Nature.

Located at the heart of the coconut triangle, we are blessed with an abundance of high-quality fresh coconuts, with a steady supply throughout the year. It is one of the major factors that sets us apart from others that allow us to bring to you the best form Coconut products securing its unparalleled health benefits.

While the freshest raw-materials play a major role in our production process, our strict demeanour in wanting to produce 100% organic products is reflected by the quality of the output, which has made Cocomate a brand that is loved by every household unit. We’ve achieved this honour and recognition due to the hard work our employees employed at the factory – which is exclusively for coconut-based products, the Cocomate family is of over 100+ staff that collaborate to give the best, always having the corporate vision on sight. Each and every employee is highly skilled, well-trained, passionate and self-motivated in carrying out their job role, as they are aware that Cocomate is a brand that elevates quality in healthy living.

While the cream of the workforce navigates day today obstacles, our state of the art machinery ensure that our product line is smoothly developed, keeping a constant, timely delivery at all times achieving production of 5 tons per day in coconut oil and virgin coconut oil separately.


Chairman’s Message


It gives me great pleasure to extend to you all a warm welcome to Cocomate Website. Cocomate is the brand name of NDC Exports which is a 100% coconut based industry situated in the “coconut triangle” of Sri Lanka. We began with the pioneering development of Coconut fiber and Coconut peat in the year 2002. In a short span, we decided to introduce new products to the market. In the year 2006, we started to develop Coconut oil mill. Today Cocomate has varieties of products including Virgin Coconut Oil, White Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil.

We have employed a workforce of 300 including 45 office staff. They are highly skilled, trained and motivated personals always assuring the quality, consistency and in time delivery of the products you order.

Cocomate is one of the leading virgin coconut brands in the Sri Lankan export market. Our Coconut Oil products are high-quality machine-made Coconut Oil. We have organic certification for our coconut products. Cocomate Coconut Products maintains the smell and taste of coconuts. Cocomate Products are made in a coconut triangle” of Sri Lanka under strict quality control procedures to produce a consistent product that meets organic certification standards. This high-quality Virgin Coconut Oil is NOT made from copra, but from certified organic fresh coconuts that are processed shortly after they are harvested. After the oil is cold-pressed out of the dried coconut meat, no further refining is needed.

We invite you all to visit our factories to experience the purity of our Coconut products. You can compare our products with other competitors and decide which brand of coconut products is the best. We believe that Cocomate is the exact one you choose because we deliver the best products with the right nutrition.


Sesiri Pathirane

Education: BSc (UK), MBA (Australia).